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At INTER, Financial Services you will have the best experience in currency exchanges and money transfers abroad.

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In INTER We cover the main areas of the country with 8 own branches located in the cities of Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Antofagasta and Santiago

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Exchange the currencies you require at any of our branches in the country or through our App.

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Send money to your family and friends in more than 50 countries with our extensive network of correspondents.

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If you have a company and want to exchange currency or send payments abroad, we are your best alternative.

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We have high standards of transparency, quality of service and cutting-edge technology; and we comply with international Anti Money Laundering standards, being pioneers in the country in the use of advanced technology to prevent money laundering, identity theft and illicit transactions.

Send money to more than 50 countries quickly.


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We have 8 branches throughout the country that are at your disposal to make currency exchanges or send money abroad.

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On the occasion of the incorporation of Chile into the OECD, on December 2, 2009, Law No. 20,393 was published, which establishes the criminal liability of legal entities in the crimes of money laundering, financing of terrorism, bribery and receipt of goods; regulations to which we adhere and certify within the framework of the responsible administration of currencies. INTER is certified in the Registry of Entities Supervised by the UAF, a public service created under Law No. 19,913, responsible for preventing and detecting money laundering and terrorist financing in Chile.


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